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About This Site

This site makes it easy to find UK Fishing Vessels by name or by port, or by port letters. The data on the site is made available from the Marine & Fisheries Agency list of current registered UK commercial fishing vessels.

The information is licensed under the Open Government Licence. Our aim is to make the information more useful and easier to search.

Notes On The Data

Both nationally and internationally there are different measures of tonnage. The historic measure has been Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT).

The European Union has been progressively moving to a common standard for measuring tonnage, a volumetric measure known as Gross Tonnage (GT) as defined in International Tonnage Convention 1969.

A phased programme of conversion has been introduced by the Commission, with different procedures being applied to the 2 tranches of the 15 metre and over fleet, as follows:

  1. Vessels of 27 metres overall length and above were required to be re-measured according to ITC69. A number of UK vessels have yet to meet this requirement.
  2. Vessels of between 15 metres and 27 metres overall length are required to be re-measured according to ITC69 by 2004.

The tonnage figures expressed across the fleet are therefore a mixture of GRT and GT.


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